"I had the pleasure of attending a Christmas party planned by Chef Cassandra. The event was magnificent from the food to the live band to the smallest details such as the table decor and guest parting gifts. No detail was left to chance. She is the ultimate chef & event planner."

Michelle R., Atlanta, GA

"Chef Cassandra's culinary diversity and event planning is unmatched. If you need a twist put on something simple or are looking for a more extravagant delicacy, then you must try her delicious shrimp & lobster mac-n-cheese or her oxtail pot pie with a homemade crust of perfection. Chef C has never disappointed me!"

Alexis A., Charlotte, NC

"Chef Cassandra is well known for her passion for entertaining and community building, love of the creative and colorful, and commitment to making delicious and nutritious food. I’m hungry just looking at the pictures of her thoughtful meal preparations!"

Derek G. New Orleans, LA

"Chef Cassandra's gift for hospitality is truly world-class. When she invites me to an event, I do whatever I must to be available, because I know it will be unique, creative, and entertaining. Her attention to every detail ensures that all sights, sounds, and tastes will be memorable. Even new guests feel like family, because of the care she takes to create a complete experience."

Annice W., Raleigh, NC

"I love to travel, but I dislike cooking. However, I love to eat! Raise your hand if this is you. While home, I found a personal chef service, Heart & Soul Catering & Events that will take of this. I have a menu for a week of delicious low caloric yummy meals. Now my tummy will be happy! Bon Appetit!"

Nathalie C., Miami, FL

"Chef Cassandra’s catered events aren't just dates on a calendar with meals …They’re an experience that's creates life long memories!!!! If Chef Cassandra is catering it, leave your diet at home, because you will want to try everything!!"

Terri L., Durham, NC

"As an event planner, there are several characteristics I look for in a caterer: passion, presentation and professionalism. With Chef Cassandra at the helm, I know that not only will she bring it on all three levels, I can count on her to knock it out of the park, every single time. If you’re looking for an astute and experienced catering company that will deliciously deliver the goods as well as meet and exceed your expectations, then look no further than Heart and Soul Catering & Events!"

Robin B., Oakland, CA
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