November 4, 2018

Watch Chef Cassandra on TARHEEL TALK on Raleigh, NC’s WRAZ Fox 50 at 6:00 a.m. She will be discussing entrepreneurship and making a career change.  If you miss it or are not in the NC viewing area, you can watch it after the broadcast online at the WRAZ Fox 50 at this link.

TARHEEL TALK is a weekly program that takes an in-depth look at the people and the issues making news in the Triangle area and beyond. This half-hour show also links community organizations, and the valuable services they provide, to the people who need them.

From the economy to health issues, politics, and social concerns- count on TARHEEL TALK to go beyond the headlines and provide extended discussion on issues affecting people across our state.

TARHEEL TALK is hosted and produced by Emmy Award-winning Sonya Williams, and airs Sunday mornings at 6 on FOX 50.


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